During the summer of 1975, Jack Cairns was on vacation in Florida with Dr. Tom Fleck, his cousin.  During the vacation an invitation was extended from Tom to bring a team from his home of Lehigh Valley PA to Toronto in 1976.  The ever astute Dr. Fleck suggested reversing the game site and in 1976, 14 players from West Rouge Centennial OTSC traveled in a sixteen seat mini-bus to Pennsylvania to engage in one of the most memorable weekends you can imagine.

In 1977, Lehigh Valley OTSC (Bethlehem) were unable to come to Toronto to play (some say it took them two years to get over the effects of the first weekend).  However, in 1978, Lehigh Valley informed West Rouge they would be coming to Canada.  During the first meeting in preparation for Lehigh's visit, Ross Kelloch (his brother Hugh scores all the goals), suggested a six team tournament be held during Lehigh's visit, and Alex Galbraith suggested the name "Friendship Tournament" be used.  These suggestions were adopted and a tournament arranged.  The participating teams were Lehigh Valley, Kingston, West Rouge Blues, Guildwood Huffers & Puffers, Detroit, and West Rouge Centennial.

Only two players came from Detroit so a hasty rescheduling of games was needed.

The final was a closely contested, memorable game between Lehigh Valley and West Rouge Centennial with West Rouge snatching victory from the visitor in the closing moments of the game.

The Friendship Tournament had begun!